How cats inform the presence of negativity in the home.

The cat is one of the most mysterious creatures on our planet. The ancients honored cats, in the Middle Ages they were feared, nowadays they are loved. Isn’t that why we treat the cat family so much, because the magic in one such furry lump is enough for a crowd of wizards and sorcerers?

We all know the sacred cats of Egypt and the cats of Thailand, who guarded temples from plunder more than a guard dog. It is said that if a man with impure thoughts entered the temple, the monks were not always able to save the wicked from the furious mustachioed avengers.

It’s no secret that the feline tribe guards the human tribe from otherworldly forces and astral bodies, in exchange for shelter and food, of course. A cat rarely does anything for nothing, it is worth watching the pet and it will become clear that no matter what place it chooses, no matter what it does, it does it with a specific, sometimes only known to her purpose.

What can be the signs that the cat has detected the presence or penetration of an unclean force?
Having caught the presence of an unclean force, the cat takes a long look, determines its nature and the presence of a threat. She may deliberately avoid a certain place in the house or on the contrary, pay excessive attention to it.

The cat can suddenly hiss and bristle at the beloved owner, if he himself brought negative energy into the house. It is obligatory to shower and wash clothes, as well as to check whether you have brought a borrowed thing or an unpleasant gift from a person who may wish evil. If the cat refuses to eat or play the usual food or games, it is worth thinking about whether there is a guest in the house, which is undesirable to her or new items that got into the house from people with a bad eye.

There are times when a cat simply leaves the house. In some cases, she thus takes away negative energy with her, in others she simply can not cope with what settled in the house. If it so happened that the cat itself left the house, it is worth to carry out a thorough energetic cleaning of the house.

In fact, a cat chooses a new home according to a principle it knows only to itself. It is worth paying attention to when and how the cat came into the family. Perhaps one of the family members was in danger or the house needed a change. It happens that the house is closed from the outside world. Its inhabitants communicate with people, but do not open their hearts and souls to meet others, then the house appears good-natured sociable cat, which constantly requires attention, happy guests and prefers noisy games. Very often women who have experienced difficult breakups prefer to get a cat or a cat. This is due to the fact that the cats exactly feel the female energy, they gift those in need of their affection, but can and bite out of the blue if the mistress thought about the painful past. It may seem that a cat wants attention and is mischievous, but it is more likely that its two-legged companion needed a distraction.

Needless to say, paying attention to the strange and unusual behavior of your feline friend, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble, it’s long been no secret, not in vain because so valued the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians of these mysterious creatures, burrowing into the feet of the owner or, moreover, on the owner’s pillow.

Can you sleep with a cat?

Scientists have proven that sleeping with someone is good for your health, so why not sleep with a cat?

Often pets are not forbidden to sleep in the master’s bed. And some of them fundamentally ignore the bipedal cat beds acquired. Some argue that a cat in bed can bring on a variety of problems and diseases.

In addition, cats are allegedly attracted to so-called geopathic pressure zones, that is, the natural radiation of the earth in places of faults. Such radiation is dangerous for the human body and can adversely affect brain activity, can cause sleep disorders and, as a consequence, mental health.

Another opinion says that sleeping with a cat will certainly be bad, and the morning expects fatigue and apathy, because overnight the cat will draw out the vitality and energy.

Fortunately, there are many opponents of such theories. Avid cat owners all over the world say with one voice that until a cat appeared in their lives they have never slept so well as with a purring friend.

It is a well-known fact that a cat can lull its owner to sleep, especially if it lies on him or snuggles up to him while he sleeps. The cat is strangely conducive to relaxation and falling into a deep, even sleep.

It is proved that the sound waves that are emitted by representatives of the feline tribe, favorably affect the emotional and psychological state of a person. Purring calms and pacifies, and also effectively fights insomnia of its owners. Psychologists recommend communicating with cats to those who suffer from neuroses and depressive states. Caring for a cat, playing and sleeping with them improves mood, normalizes blood pressure and activates brain function.

In any case, everyone determines for themselves how to treat four-legged friends. Although sometimes the decision to have a cat or not, to sleep with him or not is not made by a person, but by his purring companion.

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