Before and After» with Celebrities

Designer A. Helik created a collection of images using Photoshop, where contemporary photos of celebrities are merged with their youthful photos. Although the author claims to have done it just for entertainment, the meaning behind such collages goes much deeper.

Only a few people can view them with a sense of light nostalgia, while for many, such comparisons can be disheartening. Would you like such a photo for yourself?

The ever-charming Winona Ryder.

Charming V. Ryder

Leonardo DiCaprio


Keanu Reeves

Reese Witherspoon


Al Pacino

Prince Harry of Wales

Brigitte Bardot

Justin Bieber

Kate Moss

Elton John

Kim, a contestant on the seventh season of the reality show The Karadashian Family

Angelina Jolie

Lady Gaga


Charming J.Roberts


Neil Patrick Harris

Sarah Jessica Parker

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

H. Grant

A. Schwarzenegger

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