«Is it worth adopting a stray?»: The family encountered a ginger cat on the street and brought it home.

Daria Zaripova shared stories about her beloved pets! For a long time, the girl’s family debated whether to adopt street kittens. However, when Dasha saw a cute, ginger but very pitiful ball of fur, her doubts vanished in an instant.

That’s how Perseus entered the girl’s home. Initially, the street pet was shy, only emerging from his owners’ handmade box-bed to grab a snack or use the litter box. Interestingly, he mastered the purring art from his very first day in the house.

After some time, the kitty completely settled into the new place and endeared himself to Dasha’s family.

The pet is very affectionate, adores general attention, and always strives to be close to the owners. Perseus doesn’t mind taking baths and patiently endures while his owners trim his claws.

Sometimes, Dasha feels like the cat understands every word — she used to naively believe that such intelligent pets were only found in movies.

But the girl’s family couldn’t resist stopping at just one cat — soon, another ginger purr machine caught their attention, wandering the streets. Now he’s called Hercules. He lives in the house alongside Perseus, like a caring father with a beloved son.

Don’t be afraid to adopt animals from the streets — they will respond with loyalty and love!

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