A Lithuanian couple captures photos of unfamiliar dogs, proving that Vilnius is a true paradise for dogs.

In Lithuania, compared to other Baltic countries, people are more inclined to have dogs. It’s impossible to walk down the street without encountering at least one person with a four-legged companion. Vilnius couple Gabija Kavaliauskaitė and Karolis Jonusas, enchanted by animals, started asking for cuddles and eventually decided it would be nice to photograph these cuties.

They created an Instagram page and share pictures of dogs they encounter on the city streets. It seems they’ve collected snapshots of almost every possible breed and mixed-breed, each rivaling in beauty and cleverness with their pedigreed counterparts. Take a look at these beautiful creatures!

1. Lapinas,» a Corgi, 5 years old.

2.»Kazey,» a mixed breed, 2 years old.

3. «Zara,» a Belgian Shepherd, 1.5 years old.

4. «Adonis,» a Russian Wolfhound, 10 years old.

5. «Snydge,» Golden Retriever, 1 year old.

6. «Muse,» Continental Toy Spaniel, 2 years old.

7. «Rill,» Samoyed, 4 months old.

8. «Flambe,» Border Collie, 7 months old.

9.»Kenzo,» Yorkshire Terrier, 4 years old.

10. «Tea and Luna,» French Bulldogs, 1.5 years old.

11. «Luna,» mixed breed, 7 months old.

12. «Yula,» Bernese Mountain Dog, 2 years old.

13. «Ata,» Akita Inu, 2 years old.

14. «Barsa,» Labrador Retriever, 3 months old.

15. «Kuki,» mixed breed, 8 months old.

16.»Hivi,» Chow Chow, 4 months old.

17.»Melvis,» Beagle, 1 year old.

18. «Luna,» Husky, 1.5 years old

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