Men’s Style: 11 Basic Items You Always Forget About

When you find your own style, life becomes simpler. You already know what suits you and how to put together the right looks with that clothing. If you’re still searching, here are a few relevant tips. We’ll tell you what makes up men’s style and how to always look sharp.

The men’s wardrobe is not as diverse as women’s. For the most part, it consists of various variations of pants, T-shirts, shirts, and jackets. Moreover, men usually buy fewer clothes. But even with a small number of items, you can create stylish outfits. The key is to have a good foundation to which you can later add new details. We’ve already written about the essential items in a basic men’s wardrobe. Today, we’ll talk about important elements of style that many men tend to overlook.

Clean Skin

Impeccable appearance begins with the most important thing – grooming. With healthy and radiant facial skin. Men’s epidermis has its peculiarities. But just like women’s, it needs care. Moreover, you can’t hide breakouts or dark circles under the eyes with makeup. So, don’t ignore skincare. Get a facial cleanser, lotion, and cream suitable for your skin type and remember to use them.

A Successful Hairstyle

Emphasize the attractiveness of your face with a good hairstyle. Choose a haircut that really suits you. And don’t be lazy to visit the hairdresser at least once a month. The same goes for facial hair. Whether it’s a trendy beard, a clean shave, or light stubble – the choice is yours. But regularly tidy up your vegetation to avoid an unkempt look.

However, we warn you right away: don’t try to camouflage a noticeable bald spot or grow a beard if your hair grows unevenly. It’s a futile effort. If a gap in your hairline bothers you, it’s better to shave it bald. This brutal style suits many men.»


It’s obvious that you should use deodorant daily. But what if you add an interesting fragrance to it? You’ll be surprised how a new pleasant scent can enhance your image.

Business Suit

Regardless of your everyday clothing preferences, for work in the office or formal events, you’ll need to wear a suit. Your wardrobe should have at least one well-fitted two-piece suit. Even if your workplace doesn’t have a strict dress code, business meetings and social events still happen periodically. So, it’s better not to skimp and invest in one that makes you look dignified both at a meeting and at a friend’s wedding or in the theater.

It should be trousers and a jacket made of quality fabric, fitting well without noticeable decorative details. Choose basic colors like gray, black, or navy. If you want to elongate your silhouette and appear slimmer, opt for the darkest shades. A properly fitting jacket should sit perfectly on your shoulders, without creating wrinkles on the back when you move. A man in a simple but elegant classic-cut jacket always looks very attractive. Conveniently, you can wear it not only with trousers but also with regular jeans.


Under a suit, you’ll wear a shirt. So, get a few successful models in advance that you can rotate. A classic office shirt should be lighter than the jacket and without prints. It’s crucial to buy items that fit properly. Always try them on and see how they fit. The perfect shirt doesn’t restrict movement. Its sleeves don’t extend beyond the beginning of the palm, and there’s a bit of space between the collar and the neck, about the width of a finger. Also, note that the shirt should peek out from under the jacket by no more than 2 centimeters.


Make sure to choose a nice tie for your business look. It should end at the belt line.


It should also be stylish and attractive. And, of course, comfortable. Prefer natural fabrics and neutral shades. Determine your size and preferred style, and buy several pairs at once.

Shoes for Every Occasion

If you wear the same shoes every day, break that habit. Each occasion requires its pair. For the office and events, elegant shoes with a thin sole are suitable. For city walks, sneakers (which now go well with almost everything), canvas shoes, or shoes with a thick sole are appropriate. Such a pair will also come in handy during countryside trips. For hiking, wear sturdy, chunky military-style boots – very comfortable for long walks on uneven terrain. Flip-flops are the most comfortable for the beach.


It’s worth protecting your eyes from bright sunlight all year round. Moreover, it’s a very stylish accessory. Among the wide variety of shapes and colors, you’ll surely find a pair that complements your face.


In the city, casual clothing will be more comfortable for you. But for the resort, it’s better to get separate loose items made of lightweight fabrics. They can be bright and colorful. For example, long swim shorts and an open tank top. You can also wear them to the gym.


Men can also wear beautiful jewelry. Of course, if you don’t have a creative profession, an abundance of pendants, rings, and bracelets with a business suit will look out of place. But stylish expensive watches and a neat ring are always appropriate.

Never ignore these details. Then you’ll always look your best. If you have difficulty choosing clothes, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your wife, girlfriend, or sister. A perspective from someone who understands fashion and advice can help you find the necessary items. And even when you’ve found the perfect haircut, perfume, and clothing combinations, don’t be afraid to change your image. Sometimes, everyone needs to do it just to experience new pleasant emotions.

And how often do you go shopping?

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