Snoop Dogg quits smoking marijuana.

Snoop Dogg has announced that he is «quitting smoking» after many years of using marijuana.

The 52-year-old rapper, known for his affinity for drugs, told fans that «after much thought and conversations with my family, I’ve decided to quit smoking.» «Please respect my privacy at this time,» Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, wrote on his X microblog.

It remains unclear how sincere this commitment is and whether he is part of a carefully planned marketing campaign for his cannabis production company, Leafs By Snoop.

«Probably gonna be some viral campaign where he launches his own line of vapes, edibles, or something else,» speculated one user. «It’s not April Fools’ Day today, Snoop,» wrote another. A third added that «Snoop without smoke is like Earth without water.»

The rapper has been an advocate of marijuana use long before it was legalized in the United States. Snoop’s home state, California, was the first to legalize weed for medical use.

His company, Leafs By Snoop, founded in Denver, Colorado, in 2015, specializes in producing its own cannabis strains, concentrates, flowers, and edibles.

Snoop often smoked joints on stage during his live performances.

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