Jimmy, Jimmy, acha, acha’: This is what the ‘disco dancer’ Chakrabarti has become (photo).

The actor has already reached his eighth decade.

The 1982 film hit ‘Disco Dancer’ exploded in the Soviet Union’s box office, and its main character, street artist Anil, captured the hearts of Soviet women. However, the years have transformed the actor beyond recognition.

During the summer, Mithun Chakraborty celebrated his 73rd birthday. He no longer resembles the handsome seducer he once was. His face is marked by wrinkles, he has gained a lot of weight, but he hasn’t given up on acting. Today, he is increasingly seen on screen in the roles of experienced scientists and judges. Moreover, the actor actively supports aspiring actors and heads the Indian union.

Despite his long-standing on-screen image as a lover, in real life, Chakraborty has proven to be a model family man. He is married to former actress Yogeeta Bali, and the couple has raised four children, including an adopted daughter.

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