The beauty from Nicaragua has become «Miss Universe 2023.»

The main beauty pageant, «Miss Universe 2023,» has concluded.

Yesterday, the final of the premier beauty contest, «Miss Universe 2023,» took place in El Salvador. 84 beauties competed for the right to be considered the most beautiful. In the end, the title went to 23-year-old model Sheynis Alondra Palacios Cornejo from Nicaragua. The first runner-up title went to 27-year-old Antonia Porsild from Thailand. The second runner-up was «Miss Australia» Moraya Wilson.

For Sheynis, winning in such events is not a new experience. In 2021, she became the proud holder of the «Miss World» crown, and in August of this year, she won the «Miss Nicaragua» contest, which, by the way, gave her the right to participate in «Miss Universe.» Professionally, she is a journalist, and during her college years, Sheynis was also involved in playing volleyball. She started participating in beauty contests quite some time ago, from 2016.

This time, the event went without scandals and problematic situations. Nevertheless, there were some innovations. Now, married women with children and transgender individuals are allowed to participate in the beauty competition.

Currently, the beauties are sharing photos from the event on social media, and internet users are actively discussing the contestants’ outfits, noting that almost each of them deserves to win.

By the way, «Miss Universe 2023» was the 72nd international beauty pageant. The 73rd will take place next year in Mexico.

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