Kate Middleton appeared in a Christmas sweater worth 200 thousand.

The Princess of Wales appeared in a cozy sweater next to the Christmas tree.

ervice at Westminster Abbey will take place on December 8. It is already known that the main theme of the evening is the project of Kate Middleton, who tirelessly emphasizes the importance of the first years of children’s lives. The princess appeared in a photo wearing a warm sweater with a print, smiling widely and seemingly radiating happiness. She poses next to a Christmas tree, indicating that it’s already decorated in the Duke and Duchess’s home. The shot is very cute. However, some have noted that Kate is wearing a too expensive Fair Isle Jumper from the Holland Cooper brand, priced at £179. However, it’s not a new item; Kate was seen wearing it last year.

Kate Middleton has a lot of fans, and some even refer to her as the ‘queen of hearts’ like Diana. However, there are also critics who point out that the wife of Prince William spends a considerable amount of money on outfits and accessories. For example, last year, the princess managed to spend a whopping £176,000 on her wardrobe, which is more than 15 million rubles. It is known that King Charles III pays for Kate Middleton’s luxurious outfits from the family budget, specifically allocating funds for her eveningwear.

However, occasionally, Kate may be seen wearing mass-market brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, and H&M. Many believe that Middleton does this intentionally to connect with the people, but in reality, she has a penchant for premium brands and sometimes can’t resist buying expensive items. It’s worth noting that designers consider it an honor for the princess to appear in their outfits, often offering significant discounts or even gifting items.

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