Rihanna and PUMA are bringing back the iconic FENTY CREEPER.

Just a few months ago, Rihanna’s FENTY company, in collaboration with PUMA, made a comeback to the footwear scene, introducing a completely new silhouette inspired by football, named Avanti. Now it’s time to shift the focus to the latest release — FENTY Creeper.

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The beloved footwear, cherished by fans, was initially released back in 2015 and represents a reinterpretation of the signature PUMA Suede silhouette with a platform rubber sole.

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The new version will be «bigger, bolder, and brighter than ever,» to the extent that it has been named FENTY x PUMA Creeper Phatty.

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The footwear features a multi-layered rubber sole and is currently available in three color options: black/white, blue/green, and a bold lavender/cherry shade.

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«We took our OG Creeper and made it bigger and cooler,» says Rihanna. «In developing the Creeper Phatty, we wanted to reinvent the beloved OG Creeper. It’s a classic silhouette that was missed, so its comeback had to be more monumental.»

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