Zara and Studio Nicholson have introduced a capsule collection with a focus on conscious design.

Zara and Studio Nicholson have once again joined forces, unveiling a capsule collection with an emphasis on conscious design.

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During last year’s collaboration, a typical minimalist yet contemporary wardrobe with a focus on timeless everyday pieces emerged. London-based Studio Nicholson excels particularly in creating items that can be worn throughout one’s life.

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Eternal yet tastefully designed pieces come to life in clean-cut tailoring, lightweight outerwear, luxurious knitwear, classic tops, loose-fitting trousers, and more.

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While the items themselves may be standard, their character is imparted by structured and updated silhouettes, adding a refreshed elegance to the classic wardrobe. Additionally, for the first time in the collaboration, women’s clothing is introduced.

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«The determination to push boundaries through innovative fabrics and natural materials has been the overarching philosophy of the entire collaboration – and it’s something I’m very proud of,» said Studio Nicholson’s founder and creative director, Nick Wakeman. «We focused our efforts on sourcing high-quality fabrics with exemplary characteristics. Fabric first has been my motto since I founded Studio Nicholson in 2010. Quality is paramount to me.»

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