The Most Common Misconceptions Men Have About Sex.

Both women and men easily fall victim to intimate misconceptions that, at times, can significantly impact their sex lives.

Both men and women form their ideas about sex long before finding their first sexual partner. Information about intimate life is easily accessible today in newspapers, magazines, TV shows, and, of course, on the Internet. Therefore, both women and men easily find themselves… captive to intimate misconceptions that can sometimes seriously affect their real sex life.

Sexologists have compiled a ‘collection’ of the most popular misconceptions about sex that affect most men.

The first misconception: a woman’s pleasure depends on the size of the man’s genitalia. This misconception, carefully cultivated by the media, leads to numerous male complexes. However, in reality, the quality of sexual intercourse depends not only or not so much on the size of a specific organ but on the mood, desire, and experience of the man, his fantasies, and respect for his partner.

The second misconception: a woman needs everything to last ‘long.’ In reality, sexual intercourse lasting several hours is a product of the imagination of erotic film directors. On average, normal sexual intercourse lasts from ten to twelve minutes, and this time is generally sufficient for both women and men to experience pleasure and happiness.

The third misconception: women are afraid and shy to talk ‘about it.’ Indeed, in the presence of strangers, no woman will engage in such conversations. However, with their loved ones, most women want to be open. With more or less embarrassment, they will agree to discuss the intimate side of their life with their partner.

The fourth misconception: women like men with a lot of experience. Of course, ladies prefer a partner who has some experience not only in theory but also in practice. However, it is not necessary for a man to have an academic degree in intimate relationships. After all, everything a woman needs, she will teach the man herself.

The fifth misconception: women need perfectly handsome men. This is not true! Women are interested in men who, in their opinion, are perfectly gentle, perfectly passionate, perfectly affectionate, and perfectly attentive. If a man responds to all the woman’s needs in these areas, she is unlikely to primarily appreciate his physical attractiveness.

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