Brad Pitt’s son on his dad: «Happy Father’s Day to this world-class scoundrel!»

As it became known, Jolie’s son called Pitt a scoundrel. The curious news was shared in the publication  Daily Mail. So, revealed information of three years ago, when Pax was still 16 years old. What then the heir to the Hollywood actors narrated and how the situation with the children comments Brad Pitt himself, you will learn with us in the next couple of minutes.

Jolie’s son called Pitt a scoundrel.

As you surely know, it has been 7 years since that ill-fated private plane flight, which forever altered the family life of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and their children. Interestingly, not all of them are willing to bury the hatchet and seek reconciliation. For instance, it recently came to light that Zahara has chosen to reject her adoptive father’s last name.

Just recently, the internet was stirred by a story that unfolded back in 2020. It turns out that at that time, Angelina Jolie’s son, Pax, referred to Brad Pitt as a scoundrel. The then 16-year-old shared his emotions on a private Instagram profile. The young man decided to creatively congratulate Brad on Father’s Day with the words, «Happy Father’s Day, you scoundrel.»

Happy Father’s Day to this world-class scoundrel! You repeatedly prove that you are a terrible and repulsive person. You show no attention or compassion to your four youngest children who tremble in fear in your presence. You will never understand the harm you’ve done to my family simply because you are incapable of it,» wrote Pax in his blog.

Interestingly, the teenager also felt it was his duty to warn everyone who would see this post that Pitt deceives everyone around him. «You have turned the lives of the closest people to me into a constant hell. You can prove whatever you want to yourself and the world. The truth will still come out someday. So, Happy Father’s Day to you, scoundrel,» he added.

By the way, a screenshot from Pax’s social media was provided to journalists by one of the young man’s acquaintances. The insider admitted that the celebrity heir used his private Instagram profile mainly for communication with school friends and hardly shared anything about his parents.


Despite such words and actions directed at him, Brad Pitt could not remain indifferent. However, he has no intention of retaliating against his children in the same manner. According to his friends, the Hollywood star respects his offspring. That’s why it saddens him to witness such behavior from their side. «It’s unpleasant that Brad is portrayed as some kind of ‘bad person.’ Although that is far from the truth. He prefers to maintain a dignified silence. And that says a lot,» say his friends.

It’s worth noting that Pitt rarely spends time with his older children. Maddox, Pax, and Zahara, who have reached adulthood, can make their own decisions about any communication with their father. As known, they have taken their mother’s side and have no intention of forgiving Brad. The actor finds solace in spending time with Shiloh and the twins. With the latter, he tries to meet whenever possible.

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