This little puppy was alone in the shopping center, searching for his mom at night. The little puppy was lonely; he had lost his mom.

This little puppy lived alone in the shopping center and searched for his mom at night. The little puppy was alone; he had lost his mom.

He was separated and left at the shopping center. But why he was abandoned, the cause was unknown. The poor animal was very small. The puppy stood against the wall and refused to do anything.

Being so small, he was not capable of living alone without his mother. The poor little animal didn’t know how to take care of himself. The puppy needed care and assistance.

But by chance, the little animal encountered Natalie. Natalie was on her way to work and noticed the small creature sitting on the street. Since the puppy looked well-groomed, the woman thought it had owners.

Shortly after, when the little animal approached the woman, she realized he was hungry, and without hesitation, she picked him up and took him along. She fed the puppy, but the poor little one was so weak that he couldn’t eat on his own.

The woman decided to take him to the shelter, but he was too young to live in the shelter. Finally, Natalie decided to adopt the little puppy and take care of him.

She named him Camelia, and he became a beloved dog. At first, the puppy was scared, constantly searching for his mother. Fortunately, he found his owner.

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