Take a closer look at this photo, and you’ll understand why it’s creating a lot of buzz on the internet.

Take a closer look at this photo, and you’ll understand why it’s causing a lot of buzz on the Internet. We all know that today the Internet works wonders. It can eliminate or detect anything.

Malheureusement, en tant que modèle de langage basé sur du texte, je ne peux pas voir les images ni formuler des hypothèses sur une photo spécifique. Si vous avez des détails ou des descriptions textuelles concernant la photo, je peux essayer de fournir des informations ou des explications basées sur ces descriptions.

The photo is by Mike Pennys, who tweeted it, and the caption above is nice, isn’t it? After the photo was posted, it created a lot of buzz. When you look at the photo closely, you see that there are three people in the picture and two in the mirror.

The girl is not reflected in the mirror. This caused quite a stir, how could such a thing be possible? They started proposing several hypotheses in the comments. Some thought it was the result of Photoshop, while others simply couldn’t imagine what it was.

However, we need to make sure everything is in order with the photo. When you examine it closely, you can see that the girl’s hair is slightly visible.

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