A touching scene was noticed on the streets of the Philippines.

Time and time again, exciting scenes are captured that remind us why dogs deserve the title of humanity’s best friend. This happened in the streets of Davao, Philippines, where a woman named Faith Revilla witnessed and rushed to record Dingong, a dog, pushing with all its might the wheelchair of its owner, Danilo Arcon, 46, in the street, amidst cars and motorcycles.

Danilo lost the ability to move a few years ago after a motorcycle accident, and Dingong has since become more than a friend – a life partner who assists him in everything he needs. ‘We feel blessed to have had this extraordinary view of an incredible creature helping its owner maneuver his wheelchair, said Faith after recording the scene.

The friendship between Danilo and his dog touched Faith so much that she stopped her car to talk to the couple. She took the opportunity to invite Danilo to lunch. ‘It was a very beautiful moment when we saw them together. We took Danilo to our favorite buffet. We wanted to make him happy,’ she shared, still searching for words to explain what she felt.

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