Sharon Stone claims that more people want to sleep with her now than ever before.

65-year-old Sharon Stone asserts that more people now want to sleep with her than ever before. «I think I’m hotter now than I’ve ever been,» Stone said during an appearance on the «Ladygang» podcast.

«I’m in my 60s. People think that no one is looking at you anymore,» Stone said. «And really, that’s not true because more people want to sleep with me than ever before,» the actress continued. «When you walk in a room, there isn’t a guy who doesn’t go, ‘Ooooh.’ It’s because you have a harder time, and that’s not as easy as when you were young.» According to the star of «Basic Instinct,» this perception may be a reason why men tend to avoid interactions with older women.

This isn’t because you’re not as sexy anymore,» the actress declared. «It’s not as easy to get you into bed, not as easy to get rid of you… Because you’re more relaxed, you worry less about [how you] look… You look fantastic, it’s just not as easy with you anymore,» she explained.

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