The abandoned dog remained completely alone in the shelter, and he stopped eating due to loneliness.

The lonely puppy lived in the shelter for a long time. He was already seven years old, and he had not been lucky in finding a home. Other dogs were adopted—they were younger and smaller in size. One day, the puppy was left all alone.

In 2017, the dog was surrendered to a shelter by its former owners. He was adopted into a family almost immediately, but a year later, he was returned. The pet got into a fight with another dog that came to visit. Unable to cope with the betrayal, the dog refused to eat and drink, and he lost a significant amount of weight. Shelter staff spent hours trying to convince the dog to eat a little.

The dog’s heart was broken. Returning to the shelter became a real sorrow for Capone! Over time, Capone began to trust the shelter staff and got used to them.

The staff worked hard to find a home for the little one, posting photos of the dog on social media. And finally, there were people who wanted to take the little one home.

A couple felt compassion for the adorable little dog and wanted to adopt him. When they came to take the dog home, they had already prepared a personalized name tag for his collar.

The shelter staff was very concerned about the dog, unsure if he would be able to trust people again. Holding their breath, they awaited the dog’s reaction. The couple saw Capone and knelt down. Capone understood everything, howling with joy, he leaped straight into their arms!

The loneliest dog in the shelter found his Home! The new owners posted pictures of the happy pup. He can’t stop smiling and is incredibly happy!

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