Why couldn’t any nanny last more than a week working with Jennifer Lopez’s

Many of us undergo the interesting experience of parenthood. Interestingly, whether you’re a star or not doesn’t matter. Because as soon as your offspring become teenagers, parenting turns into pure chaos, doesn’t it? This didn’t spare Ben Affleck’s wife either. What did Jennifer Lopez reveal about motherhood and how she deals with the twins, you’ll find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Jennifer Lopez on Motherhood.

«Jennifer Lopez, speaking about motherhood, admits that like any parent, she wants only the best for her children. At the same time, the celebrity doesn’t hide that it’s quite challenging to raise her two heirs. After all, as no secret, they are currently teenagers. Not the easiest age, right? What’s more, it has reached the point where they don’t even want to talk to their own mother.

It’s worth noting that Emme Maribel and Maximilian David were born to Jennifer and American singer/actor Marc Anthony in 2008, during their marriage. Remarkably, the union itself didn’t last long. The celebrities got married in 2004, but just after 7 years, they decided to divorce due to various relationship issues. Interestingly, insiders at that time claimed that it was Jennifer who was trying to reconnect with her husband and even revive their former feelings. However, in 2014, they finalized their divorce.

In the end, as you can easily notice, the singer found herself having to take care of her son and daughter on her own. And it wasn’t always an easy task. For example, even in the selection of a nanny, problems arose. Of course, the celebrity was willing to pay any amount, as long as a suitable candidate was found. But no one could last more than a week due to the extremely challenging working conditions.

«So far, everything is going well.»

«They like that their mother is a celebrity. And at the same time, they don’t like it. I think they’re proud of me. Because they love me, and I love them,» Jennifer Lopez confessed in one of her interviews about motherhood. The actress also shared that her son and daughter don’t enjoy going for a walk with her because they can’t avoid paparazzi attention.

«It has come to the point where Jennifer Lopez’s children try not to even talk to her in public. ‘I’m a very affectionate mom. I like to hug and kiss them a lot, always talk to them sweetly and all that. And now all I hear is, ‘Mom, no, don’t get out of the car at school,'» she said.

Marriage to Ben Affleck proved to be a challenging experience for the performer. Nevertheless, J.Lo has no intention of constantly yielding to the whims of her offspring. ‘The teenage period is a process that needs to be approached with caution. They’re teenagers, which makes them quite emotional. But so far, everything is going very well.’ It’s interesting to see how the relationship between the celebrity and her children will develop in the future?

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