Julia Roberts revealed the secret of the cult film.

In reality, the movie was supposed to end in a more somber way.

Julia Roberts played the lead role in the cult film of the 90s, «Pretty Woman.» It can be said that the role of the prostitute Vivian brought her great fame. Not long ago, Julia admitted that, in fact, the film was supposed to have a different ending. «Pretty Woman,» released in 1990, concludes with Vivian transforming into an elegant lady and marrying wealthy Edward Lewis. Fortunately, it ended just that way.

«The film was originally planned to be much darker and was supposed to be titled ‘Three Thousand,’ representing the amount for a night with Vivian. She was a drug addict, and everything was supposed to end with him leaving her in the alley, throwing money at her, and driving away. When the production company closed, and the film disappeared, I was crushed. But then Disney picked it up and turned it into something fun, which seemed unimaginable,» the actress shares on the British «Graham Norton Show.»

Then the script was sold to the well-known company Disney. They rewrote the entire plot, turning it into a beautiful love story. Although, when Roberts learned that «Disney» would now release the film, she thought they might turn it into an animated cartoon.

In addition to the iconic «Pretty Woman» as we know it, it might not have happened at all. Many actors refused to participate due to the ambiguous plot, even under Disney’s version. Richard Gere, who played Edward Lewis, was not impressed with the plot and the character. They seemed superficial and empty to him.

Director Garry Marshall tried hard to persuade Gere, even offering him money. But Richard adamantly refused. So, Marshall decided to send Julia Roberts to talk to the actor, confident that she would convince him. The director introduced them and left them alone for a conversation. The Hollywood actor was already inclined to agree but took some time to think it over. However, he found a note in his pocket: «Please say yes!» That’s how Richard Gere agreed, and we all saw the movie just the way it is.

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