Queen Victoria’s Christmas decorations went under the hammer.

Queen Victoria’s Christmas decorations were sold at auction. Two ornaments from the royal Christmas tree were sold for a total of £1,443.

A doll inside a woven cradle and a wax doll without legs, both over 120 years old, belonged to royal historian Daniel Hadden.

Despite his passion for vintage decorations, Hadden decided it was time to part with these items.

«As Christmas approaches, I decided it was time to let someone else enjoy these royal holiday souvenirs. They can take pleasure in owning something that belonged to one of the most famous monarchs of Britain and use them to decorate their own tree.»

«These items also have historical significance. Besides being early holiday decorations, they remind us that Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert helped shape Christmas into what it is today. They popularized the use of decorated Christmas trees in the 19th century. Christmas trees and their decorations are a magical and important part of our holiday celebrations.

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