The human body begins to age at the age of 39.

American scientists have concluded that the aging process of the body begins at the age of 39, as the production of myelin, which is responsible for the normalization of the condition of nerve cells, slows down at this age.

Researchers conducted a study to determine when the biological aging process of the body starts and what causes it. A group of volunteers underwent a comprehensive body diagnosis, after which all participants in the experiment underwent a series of neuropsychological tests. According to the results of the study, by the age of 39, most people experience the first memory impairments and various disturbances in the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system. People who have crossed the age of 39 also showed some problems with attention concentration and cardiovascular diseases.

According to scientists, the cause of the problem lies in the fact that by the age of 39, there is a decrease in psycho-physical activity in a person. It is worth noting that the aging process starts automatically, and neither gender, nor weight, nor a person’s lifestyle has any influence on it.

By the way, American experts previously discovered a unique gene that could be used to create a ‘fountain of youth’ — a substance that slows down the biological aging processes of the body.

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