A tale of how a homeless cat managed to win over Polish police officers.

Only cool and brave guys can become police officers, but sometimes they encounter violators with whom even they cannot cope. And all because these offenders use a forbidden technique that is impossible to resist!

The patrol set out early in the morning to process a minor traffic accident. Once the police officers gathered all the necessary information and sat in the car to prepare the protocol, suddenly a cat darted towards them at lightning speed.
The cat cheekily and unceremoniously interfered with the officer working with the documents. Moreover, she didn’t even think about showing a drop of respect to the law enforcement representative. But punishing a cat seemed unwarranted, and besides, it’s much more pleasant to deal with a fluffy beauty than with criminals.

The cat had neither a collar nor a chip, so the officers concluded that she was a stray. A woman working in the same precinct decided to take the animal in as a temporary foster. The police have already announced that they are looking for her owners. However, the stubborn yet very affectionate cat will most likely become a pet for a retiring police officer.

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