A guy from Brazil turns old tires into cozy pet beds.

In Brazil, there is a young entrepreneur named Amarildo Silva who takes old, unwanted tires and transforms them into colorful and cozy pet beds. He noticed that stray dogs often lay in dusty tires and realized that they would make an excellent material for more comfortable and presentable pet beds.

He carefully cleans them, washes, and trims away all the excess

In addition to decorating the tires, Amarildo sews original cushions for the comfort of our four-legged friends

The customer’s word is the most important: Amarildo chooses the color for the pet bed based on the customer’s preference.

The resourceful guy takes into account the size of each pet. For larger dogs, he selects bigger tires.

On each pet bed, Amarildo writes the name of the pet.

And here are the happy owners of the pet beds:

Agree, it’s a great idea for repurposing discarded tires!

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