A disobedient pet was left at the shelter, and it missed its owner so much that it started losing fur, losing weight, and howling.

It often happens that owners, after bringing a dog into their home, underestimate all the challenges associated with it. As a result, disappointment arises, and the pet ends up homeless.

The fate of a dog named Sullivan took an unexpected turn. Just yesterday, he was in a home with people, and today he found himself in a shelter. The owners decided to surrender him to volunteers because they couldn’t handle his activity and disobedience.

The reason why the dog became unruly remained unclear even to the owners themselves. Perhaps they lacked the time and willingness to train the dog, and that’s why the pet grew up as a lively but disobedient ‘boy.

When his owners left him, Sullivan fell into depression. Despite the betrayal, he still loved them and began to show signs of anxiety, nervousness, and restlessness. He paced anxiously in the cage, lost fur, howled, and lost weight. Clearly, he missed them..

Nevertheless, a meeting with a new owner changed his destiny. A young woman who frequently fostered animals decided to adopt Sullivan permanently. Initially, they thought it was a temporary arrangement, but soon realized they couldn’t let him go. Thus, Sullivan suddenly found a home and caring owners!

Two years later, he transformed into a lively pet who fearlessly navigates through life. He became obedient, learned to obey, and became a true friend to the entire family!

He also gets along well with cats and other dogs that his owner fosters. The pet even teaches them to be brave and enjoy life. The woman is happy with him and says it’s hard to believe he was the same ‘rascal’ abandoned by previous owners.

As they say, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners!

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