Celebrities who took pets home after finishing filming

We watch many movies and TV shows where animals play alongside human actors. But few people think about where these animals go afterward. Of course, many have owners, but there are also those taken from shelters specifically for filming. Fortunately, some stars become so attached to their new friends during this time that they simply can’t part with them and gladly take them home.

Will Smith and the German Shepherd Abby

Alongside this dog, the actor starred in the movie ‘I Am Legend,’ where she played the role of Sam, although in reality, she is a female. Over the long period that Will and Abby spent together, they developed a strong bond, and the actor wanted to take her home.

Chris Evans and the dog Dodger.

This charming actor is an avid dog lover. During the filming of the movie ‘Gifted’ in 2015, a scene was shot at a shelter with homeless dogs, where Chris saw one cute puppy whom he ended up adopting and named Dodger.

Ed O’Neill and the Bulldog Bridget

This little dog initially had a very tough life. She was found on the street, adopted, and then for some reason, abandoned again. Bridget was picked up by volunteers, and later, it turned out that she was a perfect fit for a role in a movie where O’Neill was the main character. The man became so attached to the dog that he never separated from her anymore.

Tom Hardy and the dog Max

Tom and Max starred together in the movie ‘The Drop.’ According to the script, the man has to save an injured puppy, whom he later names Rocco. After the film was completed, Max went home with Hardy as his best friend.

James Gunn and the raccoon Oreo

Fans of the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ are crazy about the charming rogue Rocket. This animal was his prototype. The raccoon named Oreo melted the heart of even the director of the film, James Gunn. Unfortunately, Oreo passed away about a year ago.

Sophie Turner and the dog Zunni.

The dog Zunni played one of the direwolves in the first season of ‘Game of Thrones.’ When her work was done, she was left homeless. Actress Sophie, who portrayed Sansa Stark, had long dreamed of a four-legged friend, so she happily took Zunni home.

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