Four kittens that formed a close-knit company.

Children have a natural tendency to gather in cheerful companies, so there is nothing stronger in the world than childhood friendship – sincere and straightforward. The same can be said about the offspring of animals…

This story began in North Carolina when a resident of a small town discovered several little striped kittens near his home.

Unable to take them in himself, he reached out to volunteers from Sparkle Cat Rescue.

The kittens were taken under the care of a girl named Sarah, who immediately began warming the frozen little ones.

They had health issues, so unfortunately, one of the little ones did not survive.

The kittens were named Mac, Howard, and Vee. They quickly recovered and started to show their personalities.

As it turned out, they all are bright personalities. But the most interesting part is that a week before these little ones appeared, Sarah adopted another kitten named Beau.

He was also abandoned by his mother, and Sarah took care of him just as much as she did with Howard and his siblings.

Of course, Beau found common ground with the other two of Sarah’s charges, and soon they became like peas in a pod.

Together, they honed their feline skills and learned to be fully-fledged adult predators.

However, it was time to find new homes for the little ones.

One owner adopted Vee and Mac, so they are still inseparable.

Howard was adopted into a family that already had a dog. Now they play together mischievously, and the cat was renamed to Koshidze.

Bo also found loving owners who pet him and feed him at the first call.

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