15 photos from film sets that reveal the secrets of cinema.

Special effects have long become an integral part of the film industry. Even in the second half of the 20th century, directors resorted to unimaginable tricks to shoot a fantasy film. They created masks for Fantomas, played with object dimensions, applied makeup, and used various camera modes to immerse the audience in the atmosphere. Today, graphics have come to the aid of filmmakers. However, it is still a massive undertaking.

We invite you to go behind the scenes to see how film studios turn ideas into reality.

1.A shot from the set of «I Am Legend.» Here, the protagonist is attacked by a zombie dog. The assistant is simulating the attack.

2. The second part of «Terminator» required extensive shooting. Very often, such scenes are filmed in built miniature sets.

3. Shots against the window backdrop are not taken in real cars and trains. Very often, this is a studio set, as in the movie «The Grand Budapest Hotel.»

4. The movie «Labyrinth» is often remembered for the hands of help scene. For it, the artists had to construct a structure from a hundred pairs of latex hands.

5. We’re used to fictional characters often being created with graphics, but their movements are still initially filmed with real actors. For example, Sean Gunn played the raccoon Rocket in «Guardians of the Galaxy.» He also assisted in capturing the movements of Thanos and Groot.

6. And in this frame, you can see how they shot the animation «Corpse Bride.»

7. To avoid destroying a real airplane in the filming of «Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,» the crash scene was shot in minimalist sets.

8. Using these enormous hand props, King Kong reached for Jessica Lange in 1976.

9. To give commands to the extras, Stanley Kubrick assigned them numbers during the filming of the 1960 movie «Spartacus.»

10. Gruesome scenes of the movie «Alien» were filmed using condensed milk. It was applied to the actors to create a slimy effect.

11. Of course, for the filming of «Jurassic Park,» real dinosaurs were not found. Instead, they easily created models to shoot in wide shots.

12. In the movie «Back to the Future,» they also used the technique of relative size.

13. This is «Titanic.» Kate Winslet fought for her life not in the real ocean but in a pool to make it more convenient for the cameramen and other members of the filming crew.

14. And here is the reverse effect of playing with volumes in the film «Alice in Wonderland.» To show that the room is much smaller than Alice, artists created such decorations.

15. Of course, no one can fly on a broomstick. Therefore, during the filming of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe was placed on a special structure. The same technique was used in «Game of Thrones» when Daenerys was flying on dragons.

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