Tom Cruise has found a new love: he was spotted at a party in London with 36-year-old Elsa Hayrova.

61-year-old Tom Cruise was seen at a party in London’s Mayfair district with 36-year-old Elsa Hayrova, whose father is a Russian deputy, and her ex-husband is an oligarch involved in the diamond trade, according to  Daily Mail.

«They were inseparable, behaving like a couple in love,» one of the guests at the Russian event told the magazine, adding that Cruise looked bewildered next to Hayrova.

According to eyewitnesses, Cruise was «gracious» but declined requests for photographs. Eventually, the DJ had to make a statement in Russian that the actor did not want to be photographed. «During the party, he danced with Hayrova, occasionally joining other women.»

Hayrova is a former model and a British citizen. She was previously married to Russian magnate Dmitry Tsvetkov, with whom she shared a mansion worth £22 million in Surrey and a house in London worth £18 million.

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