George Clooney: «My wife, a brilliant lawyer, cooks better than me, otherwise, we’ll all die.»

George Clooney takes pride in his wife, Amal Clooney, even though she outshines him on the red carpets.

The Clooney family attended the premiere of his latest film, «Boys in the Boat,» in Los Angeles, where he was able to praise his wife before the event.

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«I always feel awkward because I wear what I’ve worn about a thousand times,» George told Entertainment Tonight. The actor joked that he feels «awkward» taking photos alongside his wife, Amal Clooney, on the red carpet. In the interview, Clooney humorously noted that he feels «diminished» by the attention Amal receives on the red carpets. «My whole career now is down to ‘plus one’,» he quipped.

Amal and George are raising 6-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella. George mentioned that his children were able to come to the set to see their father at work.

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«Yeah, the kids came to visit. They think all I do is play in the water,» George laughs. «A couple of years ago, I was shooting a film called ‘Midnight Sky,’ and I had to shoot something in a pool, and they would come, and I’m in clothes, but I’m in the water working, and they thought I was swimming.»

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Speaking of the holidays, George noted that this season he will be the one cooking festive meals, not Amal. «I cook. My wife, a brilliant lawyer—she’s one of the great human rights attorneys in the world, she fights against ISIS—but she cooks better than me, otherwise, we’ll all die,» said Clooney, mentioning that this year he will be preparing a «little Christmas turkey.»

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