7 reasons why men choose older women.

«Women are willing to make various sacrifices to stay as young and beautiful as possible! After all, according to the results of various surveys, these signs are highly valued by representatives of the opposite sex. But lately, the trend is changing. Men are choosing older partners much more often than we are accustomed to thinking. Such mature women, sought after by young men, are called MILFs. We have found out what makes them attractive.»

Famous Couples in Cinema and Life.

Among celebrities, there are also many couples in which the woman is older than the man. For example, Demi Moore is 15 years older than Ashton Kutcher, which did not prevent them from being married for almost 8 years. And, of course, we remember the love story of Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte, with whom he fell in love while still a student (and the same age as her daughter). Of course, she didn’t immediately believe in the ardour of a young man 25 years younger than her. The star of «Wolverine» Hugh Jackman is also long in love with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, older than him by 13 years. The performer of the role of Khal Drogo in «Game of Thrones» Jason Momoa for some time dated Lisa Bonet, older than him by 12 years. Heidi Klum is happily married to Tom Kaulitz, although they have a 17-year age difference.

The creators of «Sex and the City» also showed viewers a couple in which the woman is older than the chosen one. Just remember the passionate relationship between Samantha and her young lover Jerry! In the film «Unfaithful» we saw a handsome Olivier Martinez, who could not resist the screen wife of Richard Gere played by Diane Lane. And, of course, a classic: Jennifer Coolidge as Stifler’s mum in the teen comedy American Pie.

Seeing her as a ‘mommy’

The most common reason. Psychologists claim that we all seek a partner who reminds us of someone from our parents. However, the infantile generation of young men does not want responsibility and looks for chosen ones who perform the role of a ‘mommy.’ They feel comfortable and accustomed to being in the role of a cared-for beloved son. After all, she is so caring, and, moreover, she cooks deliciously.

Her own children have already grown up

Not all men in serious relationships are ready to start a family early. After all, this requires significant financial investments. In their youth, they want to live for themselves: complete their education, establish themselves in their careers, have a good time with friends and their beloved girlfriend, and travel the world. While a peer may demand everything at once, an adult lady, as a rule, has already fulfilled herself as a wife and mother, so she will not ‘rush events.

She is financially independent

There is a persistent stereotype in society that a man is, by nature, a hunter and provider. However, today, many men have become lazy, so it is easier for them to be supported rather than go to work. Moreover, peers are much more demanding when it comes to financial capabilities, while a mature woman can take care of herself and will not expect unrealistic feats from him.

Strong and self-sufficient

If a man has succeeded in his profession, he usually wants to see a strong personality by his side. He is not interested in satisfying the whims of little and pampered girls. However, a mature lady often dresses elegantly and looks young, meaning she does not lose to his peers. This has become possible thanks to advanced aesthetic medicine and the beauty industry.

She has something to learn from

Unlike her peers, mature women already have a rich experience in relationships. She knows how to smooth out conflicts, is intelligent, patient, and, most importantly, self-sufficient. An adult lady knows exactly what she wants from life: a fling or a serious relationship. There’s no need to guess; she will say everything straightforwardly. And most importantly, she is liberated in a sexual sense. Of course, if the age difference is too significant, one can speak of gerontophilia.

You can talk to her for hours on end

Milfs are usually not only attractive but also quite intelligent. It can be quite challenging for young men to initiate a conversation that doesn’t turn into banality. But an adult lady is an excellent conversationalist: she usually has a broad outlook and knows many fascinating stories. Therefore, a strong spiritual and emotional connection often develops with such a partner.

They don’t need constant attention

As a rule, a mature lady is busy most of the time with work and leads a rich and interesting life. She won’t be ‘clingy’ and bombard with calls, demanding attention 24/7. As a result, conflicts on this basis are less likely to arise.

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