Angelina Jolie plans to leave Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie plans to leave Hollywood. The 48-year-old ‘Maleficent’ star revealed her decision to eventually leave Los Angeles, noting that she cannot do so yet due to ongoing legal issues related to her divorce from Brad Pitt.

«It’s part of what happened after my divorce: I lost the ability to live and travel freely,» she told WSJ. «I will move when I can.»

As the daughter of actors (her father is Jon Voight, and her mother is Marcheline Bertrand), the Los Angeles native was never «impressed» by the local culture. As she expressed, «I never considered it important or meaningful.»

However, despite this, as her fame grew, the Oscar winner soon found herself in the spotlight. Looking back, Angelina noted that if she had known what would happen, she might have chosen a different career path. «When I started out, I didn’t expect to be such a public person.»

As for where the actress will go after leaving Hollywood, Angelina mentioned that she plans to spend more time at her home in Cambodia and seek «truth» with her children. «They are the closest people in my life, and they are my close friends,» she told WSJ. «We are seven completely different people, and that is our strength.

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