The charming puppy with a heart on its nose captivates everyone.

Dalmatian dogs are incredibly cute and charming. Their famous black spots form a playful pattern, just like the adorable pup named Wiley. This handsome boy has a heart on his nose.

His owner, 26-year-old resident of Colorado, Lexi Smith, describes him as ’54 pounds of silly, clumsy, cheeky, hungry, delightful, curious, wild, crazy, goofy, happy love.’

They gifted her the puppy on St. Patrick’s Day. The little puppy had a heart on its nose, and the couple fell in love with this little one.

The breeder said that this puppy just sleeps, eats, and cuddles. Lexi realized that this was her dog!

Wiley has much more personality than any other dog I’ve ever met,» believes the owner.

The puppy is very cute, friendly, cheerful, and active. He loves people a lot!

The family often goes on hikes together with Wiley.

Lexi is passionate about photography. She now frequently captures moments of the puppy and manages his Instagram page.

People recognize the puppy on the street!


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