A guard found a bag in the school that had been lying against the wall for over 60 years

In an American school, children were having fun by hiding a little purse belonging to their classmate Patti Rumfol in a gap near the lockers. The makeup bag remained unnoticed and unchanged in that spot for over sixty years until it was discovered by a guard during renovations.

What was found in this forgotten purse?

Paradoxically, over the passing years, no one peered into the gap, which likely explains why the discovery was only made now during renovations. This moment has been dubbed a ‘time capsule’ on the internet.

The bag belonged to a schoolgirl named Patti, who later even worked at the same school. However, in their attempt to locate the owner, the administration discovered that Patti had passed away seven years ago, having lived until the age of 71 and leaving behind descendants. With their consent, the school revealed the contents of the bag to showcase essential items for girls half a century ago.

Inside the bag, as expected, were items from the world of stationery, such as pens and pencils. Also found were a hair comb, a handkerchief, and cosmetics—powder and lipstick. A leather wallet with a couple of coins was also present in the collection.

«It is important to note that the contents of the bag were in excellent condition, with the exception of the coins, which had succumbed to corrosion.

The heirs took the coins as souvenirs, preserving the memory of their mother. It is through such small items that loved ones sometimes continue to remind us of themselves over the years.

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