Jennifer Lopez’s mother-in-law doesn’t have a strong affection for her famous future daughter-in-law.

Jennifer Lopez’s mother-in-law doesn’t have much love for her famous future daughter-in-law and her mom, as reported by In Touch citing a source. The hopes of Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck for pleasant family Christmas holidays may not materialize. ‘They both want their moms to come and spend the holidays with them, but Ben’s mom, Christine, has never gotten along with Jennifer’s mom, Lupe, so they’ve always tactfully kept them apart,’ says the source, explaining that Ben’s mom is ‘concerned’ about his second marriage.

Additionally, the star of ‘Monster-in-Law’ doesn’t get along very well with Ben’s brother, Casey. ‘Honestly, Casey isn’t too thrilled with Jennifer either,’ says the source. ‘Ben is still trying to convince her to invite him. Add Jennifer’s two sisters into the mix, and it’s chaos. ‘Jennifer and Ben envision their version of the perfect Christmas, where relatives make toasts and embrace,’ the source notes. ‘But the reality is far from it.’

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