«I look painful»: soon, all that will be left of the beauty Hande Erçel is skin and bones (photo).

Followers sound the alarm.

Some representatives of show business do everything to give their figure graceful contours. For example, Hande Erçel is constantly engaged in sports and follows diets. However, fans do not share the Turkish actress’s aspirations.

Especially the thinness of the star of the series «Knock on My Door» becomes noticeable when she dresses in tight outfits. Recently, the screen Eda posed in a long dress with a leopard print.

The resulting photos the celebrity posted on social media, where she usually receives hundreds of thousands of likes. The actress’s thinness immediately caught the eye of her followers. They hurried to leave concerned comments.

«Eat if you’re not being fed», «It hurts to look at», «You used to be much better», «There’s so little of you left», «You’re so skinny, it doesn’t suit you», fans wrote on social media.

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