Rules of life by Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s safe to say that there isn’t a country in the world where Leo hasn’t become famous thanks to his leading role in «Titanic.» Despite his tremendous popularity, as strange as it may sound, it has never prevented the actor from remaining first and foremost a human being.

For many years, he has successfully participated in various UN conferences on environmental protection and personally invests significant funds in promoting and spreading ideals of preserving the natural world. In his career, there have been many ups and downs: in addition to the Oscars and Golden Globes, he was even nominated for a Golden Raspberry, but that didn’t prevent him from achieving his goals. Here are a few rules on how he managed to do it.

«I take pride in what I’m involved in. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of ambitious projects that so rarely make it to Hollywood studios. I’m a fan of my work, so I’m willing to do even too much for what I love.»

«I understand that I can’t really control this process; it depends little on me. But what I truly know is that I act in movies because I genuinely love movies. And I want to create splendid and great films.»

«Being an actor is an incredible thing. I never knew for sure that my career would turn out so successfully, but what I remember is my first dream: ‘I want to be an actor.’ To some extent, I was lucky that I lived in Los Angeles in close proximity to the Mecca of filmmaking, and my parents didn’t ignore the dream of a 10-year-old boy, taking him to various auditions after school. But I could never imagine that I would belong to this elite group of people. But once I got my first chance, I felt that I could seize it and join the guys I admired. It was the greatest gift for 15-year-old me. And since then, I’ve never lost that feeling of hunger. I still want to deliver my best performance, to act in a way that I am completely satisfied with. I think it’s this hunger and constant dissatisfaction that propel me forward.»

«Those who give me constant inspiration for self-improvement are the best people I’ve surrounded myself with — my friends and family. They always bring something new into my life, always honest with me, and I’m very grateful for that. The people around me are truly incredible.»

«When I was just starting my career, I had an offer to star in a film that I really wanted to be in. I remember at that time, I received offers from other studios, some even accepted me without an audition. But I wanted to star only in that film, despite having good alternatives. I don’t know where 16-year-old Leo found such big balls to confidently reject each of the offers independently. I don’t know where I got that conviction, but I’m very glad that I had that confidence. Being self-confident is really cool.»

«As a UN ambassador, I’ve traveled around the world and personally witnessed how climate change disrupts the natural balance of our planet. I’ve seen smog-choked Beijing, the destroyed forests of Indonesia, and the crops of Indian farmers washed away by record floods. Everything I saw during my travels truly horrified me. Scientists have no doubt that all of this is caused by human activity; they are also sure that if nothing is changed, much worse changes await us in the future. Don’t think it will happen someday; the future is coming very fast. Our descendants will either be proud of us or curse us for our actions. Our generation will definitely go down in history: either we will save the Earth or finally kill it.»

«Don’t think I’m all tough and unshakable. I have one weakness: I can’t quit smoking! I try at least not to smoke cigarettes, only cigars. Quitting is damn hard for me. The thing is that anti-nicotine patches affect me in a very strange way — I noticed that when I use them, I have the same nightmare every night: a bloody murder, as if I’m killing someone. And I wake up every time in cold sweat.»

«I was wild and crazy and didn’t suffer from it, unlike some people now, when they try to keep a good face with a bad game, thereby discrediting themselves.»

«It didn’t matter to me what people thought of me… Maybe that’s how I tried to get rid of the chaos going on in my head, or potential failures.»

«When I auditioned for De Niro, I vividly remember what I thought then: ‘I have to do something. I have to do something that no one else will do. I have to stand out.’ I wish you all find the purpose of your life and be the best at it!»

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