What became of a woman who married a warrior from an African tribe?

Many years ago, the Swiss girl Corinna was on vacation in Kenya with her boyfriend. However, in this foreign land, a Maasai warrior captured her heart, and her life underwent a radical transformation. At the age of 27, she owned a stylish clothing boutique, lived in abundance, and had a fulfilling personal life, all in preparation for her upcoming wedding.

But Corinne was not content with her life, feeling disheartened because she earned more than her groom. She was deeply unhappy. The encounter with a man completely different from the familiar men excited her greatly: ‘This Maasai firmly grasped my thoughts. I couldn’t eat.’

The Maasai are the last uncivilized people in Kenya, and the government faces many problems with them. But Corinne didn’t care. She paid no attention when people mocked her in Nairobi or at a ‘white’ hotel, and even the visa extension service employees turned a blind eye.

Her chosen one had only a loincloth and two goats to his name, living in a hut plastered with cow dung. And then, nothing was simple: malaria, pregnancy, working in her own grocery store, and frustration. The differences in mindset became so apparent that Lketingi became very jealous of his wife, and Corinna made a significant life decision – to flee with her daughter to Switzerland.

She left several letters for her relatives, deceived her husband, and took flight. She returned after 14 years, once her daughter Napirai had become an adult. Before that, she was afraid to visit the country, as Lketinga could have prevented Napirai from coming back. Her African ex-husband struggled to cope with her departure – he was cast out by the warriors and started drinking heavily.

Corinna now lives in Switzerland and paints pictures. Lketinga has a different family and several children by now. He looks quite sad in the photo. Divorce is discouraged by his people, and his wife’s escape has damaged his reputation in the community. Corinna Hofmann wrote an autobiographical novel titled ‘The White Maasai’ to narrate both her life in Africa and beyond.

But now, Corinne is no longer alone. For a long time, she has been posting travel photos with a man of her age on her official social media page.

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