This couple celebrates their 71st wedding anniversary and tragically passes away on the same day.

Herbert and Marilyn Frances Delaigle, who had been married for 71 years, passed away 12 hours apart on the same day. According to the Metro newspaper, the couple first met in a café in the American city of Waynesboro.

Herbert avait 22 ans à l’époque et Frances en avait 16. Herbert a admis une fois être allé au café où Frances travaillait pour la rencontrer. À un moment donné, il a eu le courage de l’inviter à sortir avec lui dans un cinéma local. Un an plus tard, le jeune homme a demandé sa bien-aimée en mariage.

Meanwhile, their wedding almost took a wrong turn as they arrived at the church an hour late. Frances later mentioned in an interview that Herbert was ‘always late.

Psychiatrist Matthew Lorber did not rule out that the cause of Frances’ death could be ‘broken heart syndrome.’

He specified that this disorder can be triggered by significant stress, for example, when a person receives shocking news.

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