53-year-old Claudia Schiffer took to the runway for the Versace show in Milan.

According to reports, Claudia Schiffer graced the runway. This event is noteworthy because the German supermodel of the ’90s hadn’t delighted her fans with appearances on fashion shows for the past five years. What attire did the 53-year-old celebrity showcase, and from whom did she receive very favorable comments? Stay with us to find out in the next couple of minutes.

Claudia Schiffer took to the runway

Indeed, the news of Claudia Schiffer hitting the runway marks an incredible comeback for the German supermodel. The last time she delighted fans was back in 2018 when she appeared on the runway alongside Carla Bruni, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Helena Christensen.

And on September 22, 2023, the audience once again witnessed one of the leading stars of the 90s modeling business. Claudia graced the runway at Versace in Milan. The occasion was the presentation of the new Spring-Summer 2024 collection by the fashion house, which drew inspiration from the fall of the distant year 1995. Guiding this process was none other than the renowned fashion designer, Donatella Versace.

Undoubtedly, it wouldn’t be superfluous to discuss Schiffer’s ensemble. On the runway, the German model showcased a mint-green «metallic» dress. The outfit featured a combination with lace inserts on the model’s chest and waist. The highlight was the rhombus-shaped print, considered incredibly trendy in the world of modeling today. By the way, Giorgio Armani recently presented an entire collection with this print.

«Warm embraces from the Versace family»

It’s worth adding that the showcased outfit is traditional for the Versace brand. Interestingly, the brand’s monogram was positioned on thin straps. The ensemble was complemented by shoes with bows and voluminous styling. It all came together incredibly seamlessly, didn’t it?

Interestingly, Donatella herself was equally pleased with Claudia’s appearance. In her  Instagram blog, the designer shared backstage photos and even referred to Schiffer as an icon of Versace. «An amazing entrepreneur, mother, and my favorite blonde, besides me. Welcome back to the Versace family. I love you dearly,» she wrote.

Donatella is just a wonderful, warm, tender, sincere, pleasant person who truly cares. It’s like stepping into the warm embrace of the Versace family. I always look forward to that. It’s more than just a fashion show and an advertising campaign. It’s something more,» shared Claudia in a conversation with journalists. And it’s hard not to agree with her.

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