What makes men and women sexually attractive?

Actor Patrick Dempsey has been awarded the title of «Sexiest Man Alive» by People magazine. However, there is nothing specific that makes a man or a woman sexually attractive. «Sexuality is in the eye of the beholder,» said body language expert Blanca Cobb, noting that personal preferences play a huge role.

For example, some men prefer blondes to brunettes. Others may have a preference for big noses, large ears, or deep voices.

Meanwhile, experts say that cultural trends and generational trends also play a role in what people find attractive, despite the consensus and universality implied by titles such as «Sexiest Man Alive.»

If Kate Moss’s slender figure was once the epitome of female beauty in the 90s, the voluptuous curves of Kim Kardashian have become fashionable in the last decade, starting the craze for Brazilian butt lifts.

«There are many theories about factors that can increase attractiveness, related to cultural aspects such as generational trends and ethnic differences in preferences, evolutionary factors such as women’s ‘curviness’ linked to fertility, and proximity factors indicating that we are attracted to what we see most,» said Florida psychologist Kelsi Latimer. «This suggests that attraction has both biological and acquired factors.»

Experts argue that individuality and charm can also enhance or undermine attractiveness. «Have you ever met someone you might consider average in appearance, and then, after getting to know them, suddenly realized they have a great smile or beautiful eyes?» added Latimer. «It’s not a coincidence. Personality is absolutely capable of changing initial feelings of attraction to positive or negative.»

Cobb agrees, saying that sexuality is not only linked to physical qualities. «Warm, open, confident body language can be arousing,» she said.

Thus, there is no unanimous opinion on what is universally sexy, considering personal preferences and beauty standards that vary depending on age, time, and place.

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