Left for a multimillionaire: Kate Middleton’s affair became known on the side.

Princess of Wales was left with nothing.

In the 2000s, the relationship between Kate Middleton and Prince William faced challenging times. At that time, the couple was not yet legally married, and Lady Di’s.

After several years of living together, they decided to part ways. It wasn’t easy for the grandson of Elizabeth II to find a replacement for his chosen one. Many girls saw in him only a royal figure, not a man.

However, Middleton, unlike her ex-partner, managed to rebuild her personal life. But not for long. It turned out that during the short period she spent without William, the future princess had a romance with the multimillionaire Henry Ropner, as reported by Mirror.

The relationship lasted only a couple of months, after which there was a reunion with her future husband. And in 2011, the long-awaited wedding took place.

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