A complete guide to clothing styles: How to find yours and always look good.

Modern men are increasingly interested in fashion. After all, everyone wants to look perfect everywhere: in the office, at parties, and on dates. In this article, we will tell you about all styles of clothing and give you a couple of tips on how to determine what suits you.

And though we still judge each other by our clothes, modern fashion tends towards wearing anything you like and feel comfortable in. Everything that you like and fits well. To ensure that every outfit looks impeccable and fully reflects your character, it’s essential to choose details with particular care. The selection of clothing for men is not as vast as for women, but finding the perfect items is realistic. The main thing is to know what you are looking for.


The clothing should be of high quality and comfortable to wear. It’s not worth skimping on quality, especially when it comes to footwear. It’s better to have a few items that won’t let you down.


The right silhouettes will highlight your strengths and conceal weaknesses. For example, loose-fitting clothes may not suit shorter individuals, while those with a larger build may avoid tight-fitting outfits. Always choose clothing that fits well and neither runs small nor hangs like a sack.


Make sure that your clothes don’t distract attention from your face. People with high contrast features can easily pull off vibrant colors, whereas someone with light skin, hair, and eyes might be overshadowed by a colorful ensemble.


Different occasions call for different attire. Flip-flops are suitable for the beach, while a three-piece suit is fitting for a formal event.
But most importantly, your clothing should reflect your inner state, making you truly comfortable in it. When you feel confident and don’t overly focus on your appearance, you can impress others not just with your outfit but also with intelligence and other personal qualities.

To determine your style, think about the tags that would describe your character and lifestyle. Consider the emotions you want your clothing to convey. Then, find a style that resonates with your definition.

Итак, какие стили одежды бывают?


A wonderful option for mature men who want to remain stylish, but it also suits younger individuals who always prefer tried-and-true classics. Shirts with blazers, comfortable trousers, leather boots, simple cuts, classic prints (checks, stripes), and calm colors will always be relevant. Traditional style has a few rules. For example, socks should match the trousers, and the shirt should be slightly lighter than the blazer. The belt, shoes, and bag are chosen in similar tones. Mature men should prefer basic clothing shades to look younger.


These are classic suits with jackets and trousers, elegant shoes, shirts, and ties. Ideally fitting or slightly oversized, tailored from good fabrics, with well-crafted accessories. The clothing is emphasized with status accessories. The office style is suitable for work, but you can also wear such combinations in everyday life. If not to the park, then to an exhibition or a restaurant.


It includes everything you can wear to a wedding or a red carpet: tuxedos, tails, double-breasted suits with vests. Cut and fabrics are also very important. Designer items or custom-made clothing are welcome. You’re unlikely to stroll around the city in this, but every man’s wardrobe should have at least one suit for a special occasion.


Its advantage is versatility. It suits men of different ages and professions. To dress in this style, remember the main thing: no strict rules. Comfort is a priority. The foundation of the style consists of regular sweaters, hoodies, pants, and T-shirts. Bright items are mixed with basics and complemented with comfortable shoes. Practical accessories are welcome: a bag, backpack, watch.


Combining comfortable items with business ones is what smart-casual is all about. Perhaps the most vivid example of the style is such a look: loose jeans (they can have abrasions or cuffs) worn with a T-shirt or shirt and a classic-cut blazer. On the feet, sneakers or stylish boots.


This style is often chosen by young people who love art. For them, dressing well without putting in much effort is essential. They wear retro-style shirts with jeans, knitted sweaters, sweatshirts with interesting prints, heavy boots, or sneakers. The look is often complemented by a large backpack, glasses, or a hat.


Clothing in this style is designed not to restrict movement. It is worn by people who are always on the go and value comfort above all. Loose pants, shorts, tank tops, oversized sweatshirts, or, conversely, figure-hugging elastic items – sporty looks are characterized by great variety. The most popular accessories are a backpack and a baseball cap. Sneakers are the footwear of choice.


Outfits in the rock style are perfect for self-expression. They are preferred by rebels and unconventional personalities who are not afraid to challenge society. The most popular elements include a leather jacket, distressed jeans, and rugged footwear. Clothing and accessories are adorned with zippers, chains, spikes, and studs.


A subset of rock that opposes traditional and glamorous styles. Those who dress in a grunge style love patches, leather, vintage plaid shirts over T-shirts, black pants or jeans, and noticeable footwear.


The cowboy style includes clothing made of leather, suede, wool, and other natural fabrics. Its distinctive features include boots, hats, blue jeans, belts with buckles, fringe, and simple shirts. All of this suits people who value freedom and practicality.


This is a combination of simple but expensive items with very stylish accessories in the best traditions of British dandies. It is customary to wear shirts, suits, vests, sweaters, and coats in calm shades made from top-quality fabrics. They are complemented by a tie, belt, scarf, gloves, a hat, and impeccably clean shoes.


This style is very elegant but, at the same time, does not require much effort to create outfits. It is based on deliberately careless looks in black-and-white-gray tones, monochrome sets of sporty cut. In the cold season, it includes sweaters made of natural wool with patterns.


French chic involves combining the most ordinary things with elegant evening details. For example, jeans, sneakers, and a jacket made of expensive fabric.


An ideal option for vacation. This style predominantly features outfits in blue, white, and red. The main print: stripes. All materials are lightweight, breathable, and perfect for warm weather.


Clothing made from natural fabrics – linen, cotton, suede – in khaki shades and basic colors is appropriate not only on the African prairie but also in urban jungles. Safari implies wearing shorts, T-shirts, hats, and sandals every day.


Clothing reminiscent of military uniforms is characterized by functionality and comfort. Key details include waterproof fabrics, loose fit, plenty of pockets, rivets, and all shades of khaki.


Fans of eccentricity in life and wardrobe can’t do without brightness. Welcome: bold colors, prints, unusual cuts. Not suitable: plain neutral items. Although a couple of basic pieces are worth getting to make unusual outfits look even more interesting. An ideal style for artists, musicians, and other creative personalities.

70s (HIPPIE)

The hippie style combines a love for nature and a positive attitude toward life. It features items with an original cut, flared pants, bright shirts, and ethnic motifs in footwear and accessories.

80s (DISCO)

To dress in disco style, you need to take slim pants and a bright shirt with deliberately large shoulders, complemented by original footwear.


A very simple and comfortable style. During that era, jeans with plain T-shirts and white sneakers were very popular, as well as bucket hats.


The goal of this style is to recreate the spirit of a specific era. It can be any period of history, from Victorian England to 1930s Chicago. Fans of such outfits are often dressed impeccably. They seek original items in vintage shops and adapt modern details to their favorite era.


This style combines all the latest fashion trends. Designers draw inspiration by looking at the most original fashionistas in the world. They, in turn, are the first to wear everything that is trending. Currently, the combination of different styles and directions is at the peak of popularity. Boldly mix any ideas from this list and bring something of your own to them.

Every man’s wardrobe should have certain foundational pieces, regardless of the preferred style. These items are essential to creating versatile and practical outfits. They should be of high quality and fit well.

Make sure to have:

  • A wool midi or maxi-length coat.
  • A leather jacket.
  • A classic two-piece suit.
  • A neutral trench coat.
  • Straight blue or dark jeans.
  • Light trousers.
  • Several white shirts.
  • Plain white, black, and gray T-shirts.
  • A hoodie or sweatshirt.
  • An everyday blazer.
  • Athletic shoes.
  • Leather boots.

Consider what style you prefer and what suits your lifestyle, in which clothes you feel most confident. Build your wardrobe based on these feelings.

Share in the comments, have you found your style?

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