The spoiled daddy’s boy threw a tantrum when he couldn’t buy the luxurious Jacob & Co. watch for $7.7 million.

The spoiled daddy’s boy threw a tantrum when he couldn’t buy the luxurious Jacob & Co. watch, The Billionaire, priced at $7.7 million.

The 23-year-old young man, in the company of Jacob & Co. boss Jacob Arabo, had been drooling over one of the most expensive watch models, The Billionaire, and decided to immediately acquire it. What followed next was a shock not only for the wealthy heir but also for the luxury watch manufacturer.


When his credit card was declined twice in a row, he called his daddy and threw a tantrum over the phone, demanding immediate money transfer for his Christmas gift.

Amidst all this chaos, Mr. Arabo calmly requested his security to escort the cursing billionaire’s son out of his office, referring to him as a spoiled brat. The episode concluded with the daddy’s boy asking the founder of Jacob & Co. to leave him the $7.7 million watch and not sell it to Jay-Z.

It turns out that the «wealthy heir» is Aris Jaeger from New York, a popular influencer known for his viral comedy skits. In his role as «Louie,» he does everything from berating people (actors) for parking their «Ferraris» or boats in his spot to yelling at pilots or firing chefs for lacking talent in cooking pasta.

Not surprisingly, his parodies have garnered nearly 70 million likes on TikTok, and he has 553 thousand followers on Instagram.

At the time of writing, the video featuring Jacob’s boss and company has been viewed by 6.1 million people on the platform.

Jacob Arabo is an American designer of jewelry and watches who founded Jacob & Company in 1986 and, over three decades, turned it into a celebrity-favorite luxury watch brand.

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