«My husband’s parents are wealthy people, but they don’t want to help us with a down payment»: The child doesn’t need such grandparents.

«My husband’s parents, Artur’s parents, are wealthy people. I, on the other hand, come from a modest family. Of course, when we met and later decided to get married, it didn’t matter.

We intended to rely solely on our own efforts. But, of course, we wouldn’t reject help from people close to us — says Ada.

We had dreamed for a long time with my husband about our own apartment. We were tired of constantly moving from one rented apartment to another.

But his parents preferred not to notice that. Although they had the financial means. If they wanted to, they could help us. But apparently, they didn’t have such a desire.

My mom and dad live in another city, their financial possibilities are limited. We live in the same city as my husband’s parents.

After the wedding, we didn’t live with them under one roof because we wanted to be independent.

We rented an apartment, worked hard, didn’t even go on vacation because we decided to save. They knew about it, but didn’t want to interfere in our lives.

One day we decided to visit them. When my mother-in-law once again asked me when she would become a grandmother, I decided to hint at something.

I said that we would decide to have a child only when we have our own apartment. Now we don’t even have enough money for a down payment. But she just nodded sympathetically.

Honest conversation

When after a few months I found out that I was expecting a child, I started to act more decisively. We shared the news about the child with my husband’s parents.

They were thrilled to soon become grandparents. I asked them if they could help us at least with a down payment on an apartment.

My mother-in-law suddenly started behaving differently. She said they don’t have that kind of money and can’t help us in any way right now. But they are lying!

My father-in-law recently told my husband that they plan to buy a new car. It turns out they have the means for a car but not for an apartment for their son and grandson.»

Then I started pretending that everything was fine, even though I was sad. I said goodbye to the dream that I would be able to raise a child in our own apartment. Except that help came unexpectedly…

When we came to visit my parents and shared the news about the child, my mom mentioned something. Together with my dad, they had thought everything over in advance.

They decided to sell their apartment to help us with money. They planned to move to the countryside to live with my grandma. They convinced me that they would be even better there than in the city.

A month later, they did just that. Together with Artur, after receiving the money for the down payment (and even a little more), we soon bought our own cozy apartment.

How to behave with such an approach

Now we are happy and peaceful about the future. The only thing that worries me is the behavior of my husband’s parents.

I don’t want these people to spend time with my child. They think that buying a car is more important than the well-being of their grandson.

I’m about to give birth soon, but my father-in-law and mother-in-law haven’t called me once in these nine months. They didn’t ask how I was feeling.

They seem to be very absorbed in their own lives. This only reinforces my belief that a child doesn’t need such grandparents — said Ada.»

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