What does it mean when a dog licks hands, and what should the owner pay attention to?

Licking hands by a dog is one of the ways in which a pet can show its love and emotional state to its owner. Different dog breeds may express their attachment differently: some lick hands, others snuggle up to the owner or lie down next to them to sleep.

Licking hands by a dog during petting can have several possible interpretations. The dog may be thanking the person in this way, seeking to attract their attention, and feel their love. When you start petting your pet and interacting with them, the dog evaluates your reaction and may repeat this behavior, aiming to evoke positive emotions from you.

Licking hands can also serve as a way for the dog to calm itself in a nervous situation. This behavior may express not only attachment but also a need for comfort.

To show love to the dog, the person can pay attention to other manifestations of attachment and trust. For example, a dog’s devoted gaze into a person’s eyes can indicate mutual understanding and support. It is also important to consider the individual characteristics of each dog: not all pets enjoy hugs, and squeezing them may cause discomfort. Building trusting relationships with a dog is based on understanding, emotional connection, and respect for its individuality.

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