Emotional Reaction of Household Pets Who Got Into Trouble Due to Their Own Clumsiness

Pets have a funny way of viewing humans as some sort of omnipotent being. When it comes to sharing space on the couch, he’s a lowlife, but as soon as there’s a need to fix something, go get food, or help a furry troublemaker in need, the attitude changes dramatically. «Hey, human! Save me!»

Oh, snow! Let’s get back in the house, yo-mayo!

Give a hand, eh?

Here’s me climbing the game tower, but it’s crowded!

The first slide down the slide is forever in the memory!

Hey, hostess! Break up my post-New Year’s Eve ennui!

This is not how I envisioned winter walks. Where’s that snow?

It looks like a realization of a mistake and instant remorse.

Installed the new toilet — and here it is already populated.

My doggie is not coming off the anesthesia after surgery.

A cat was caught brutally beating toilet paper.

My favorite toy! Won’t give it away!

At first he was happily munching on flour while the owners hesitated, but now he’s sneezing nonstop.

It’s not uncommon for the owners themselves to show emotional expressions because of these situations.

That’s why we love them for such antics!

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