The size of a man’s finger can tell a lot about its owner.

Men with long ring fingers are believed to indicate women with a good physique – large breasts and a narrow waist.

Polish experts from the Medical College believe that men with a long ring finger find it easier to become popular among representatives of the fairer sex.

Scientists conducted a study involving 50 men, during which they examined the features of their hands. All participants were in long-term relationships.

After processing the information, it was found that men with long ring fingers were associated with women having a good physique – large breasts and a narrow waist.

This trend is attributed to the increased levels of testosterone in individuals with such fingers, even during the intrauterine development stage.

Additionally, this category of men is characterized by good physical shape and developed muscles, facilitated by the male hormone. Such men are inherently attractive to women and enjoy success with them.

Previously, experts found that when men assess a woman, they primarily look at the waist and bust. This subconscious evaluation is a way of assessing her reproductive capabilities.

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