A stylist transformed a girl who never took off her cap into Kim Basinger.

A girl named Olya always kept herself apart from social connections, and her peers avoided her company. Gradually, this isolation affected her character, and Olya found solace in communicating with horses

Olya made the decision to work in a stable, opting to neglect careful attention to her appearance. She stopped wearing makeup, always had her hair in a ponytail, and preferred wearing a cap. Those close to her were concerned, especially after unsuccessful relationships when Olya completely isolated herself. Friends and colleagues tried to convince her to change her style to regain lost confidence.

During her grandmother’s illness, who had survived a heart attack, Olya plunged into deep depression, and in an attempt to change the situation, she dyed her hair black. From this tragic period, the protagonist was never able to fully emerge.

Long dreaming of a family and children, Olya realized that to achieve this, she needed to change herself. A stylist took on the task of helping her become more attractive. It started with changes in hair color and haircut, followed by the right makeup that emphasized her eyes and lips.

And the final touch was the choice of an outfit. Dressed in a delicate white dress and adorned with exquisite jewelry, Olya transformed into a beautiful woman. Colleagues expressed their admiration upon seeing her in the new look, which she was not familiar with.

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