In 2015, a chubby guy led a 220-kilogram bride to the altar. Today, the spouses are unrecognizable.

The story of the unusual couple, Lexi and Danny Reed, began in 2007. The relationship of the lovers unfolded in its own way, despite Lexi facing health problems. However, every time things went awry, Danny supported his beloved. In 2015, the Reeds became husband and wife. At that time, Danny was quite chubby, and Lexi weighed a whopping 220 kilograms! But during the wedding ceremony, in addition to the traditional vows, the spouses made another promise to each other…

The story of an extraordinary couple: the joint trials of Lexi and Danny Reed.

Not a day without challenges. Lexi has been haunted by eating disorders her entire life. Since childhood, she was plumper than her peers, and as she grew older, she developed a habit of soothing her numerous troubles with whatever food was readily available. Nevertheless, her peers still respected Lexi for her cheerful nature and zest for life.

In 2007, Lexi met Danny. The future spouses liked each other from the first moment of their acquaintance. Their friendly relationship quickly evolved into a deep friendship, and eventually, Lexi and Danny became a couple. Unfortunately, the happiness in their personal life did not resolve Lexi’s issues with eating behavior.

However, Lexi’s physique didn’t deter Danny from proposing to her. In 2015, Lexi and Danny Reed became husband and wife. Right in front of the altar, the newlyweds pledged to tackle the issue that had been bothering both of them together. It’s worth noting that Lexi and Danny had substantial reasons for doing so.

And here we’re not just talking about health problems arising from such a lifestyle! You see, Danny and Lexi were seriously intending to become parents. But with their dimensions, thinking about offspring was contraindicated for the couple. As you can see, the couple had a significant motivation to shed the extra weight.

Lexi and Danny were approaching their goal not by days, but by hours. However, in February 2022, Lexi was struck by an unknown illness. Medical professionals had to put in a lot of effort before they could identify the problem. Lexi Reed became a victim of calciphylaxis, an extremely rare syndrome characterized by widespread calcium deposits in the blood vessels and soft tissues of the human body.

The poor girl spent several months in a hospital bed. Lexi’s organs were failing one after another, and the endless weakness prevented her from even moving a finger. Doctors did everything possible but refused to provide any guarantees. Lexi’s life was hanging by a thread.

Fortunately, the girl eventually overcame the illness and started to recover. In many ways, the support of her husband played a crucial role in her recovery. Danny’s life during that period revolved around work, workouts, and taking care of Lexi. He spent days and nights at the hospital. Now, he accompanies his recovered wife to the gym, instilling confidence in her for a happy future.

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